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AAoA - Conflicting info on FICO report

Hey credit gurus,

I'm confused by some seemingly conflicting info in my FICO report.   On page 2, "Understanding your FICO Score" it says:



You have a short credit history.

Your FICO score measures the age of your oldest account and the average age of your accounts. In your case, either your oldest account was opened recently or the average age of your accounts is relatively low. People that do not frequently open new accounts and have longer credit histories generally pose less risk to lenders. Therefore, as your credit history lengthens and you pay your bills on time, this factor should have less of a negative impact on your score.
But then it shows:

Your oldest account was opened19 Years, 2 Months ago, Average age of your accounts11 years

FICO High Achievers [?]opened their oldest account 19 years ago, on average.
Most FICO High Achievers [?]have an average age of accounts between 6 and 12 years.



So, it looks like I have a reasonable AAoA, right?  Why is it listing that as a negative?




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