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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Scoring?

brother7 wrote:

minnieamy1025 wrote:

After I ran my credit report I discovered a card my husband had added me to as an authorized user, with a big red negative flag. They payment history is terrible, and I never actually knew I was on this card, or received billing info. I called the bank and took my name off. I also did an online dispute with Equifax. Has anyone had luck getting this type of stain off their credit report? I'm anxious to hear as this is the only big problem with my credit as of now.  From searching online I see people have had mixed results.... 

Since you said "I never actually knew I was on this card", it sounds like you don't use the card anyway. Why not ask your husband to remove you as AU on that account? With a single action, the account should automatically disappear from your credit reports. Wouldn't that be easier than disputing all 3 CRAs?


Disputing with the CRAs as "not my account" may get the account off your report but only temporarily - if the original credit card account is still open and you're still listed as an AU, the CCC may continue to report the account in future months causing it to reappear on your CR.

The first step in removing should be to contact the CCC to end the AU status on the account and then, if the account is still showing on your reports, dispute as "not my account" to get it permanently removed. 

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