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"An inquiry indicates when a business, usually a lender, has checked your credit. The inquiries listed here are the number of times in the 12 months prior to the date of this report that a lender has checked your credit at Equifax. Most likely, these inquiries appear because you applied for credit with that lender. Inquiries associated with applying for new credit are typically the only kind of inquiry that will impact your FICO® score."


This appeared on ScoreWatch, so It has me thinking. I know inquiries did not really affect your credit after about 12 months. But do they not show on your reports that creditors pull after 12 months? I know they stay for two years on CR but say I have 20 inquiries in 2012 can I app for different products in 2013 as long as their 12 months apart?]


I am gardening right now, but I was thinking I have to actually wait until 2014 until there is absolutely NO inquiries on my CR at all.... Help 
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