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Re: Not getting traction in my fico score

Inquiries dropping off won't cause an alert, so you have ot wait for them to drop off (which can take a week through myfico), then wait for the every 10 days or so score check to see a change. So could be a few weeks if the timing works out.

Also, there is no guarantee that inquiries falling off will raise your score. Most of the penalty for inquiries is removed at 6 months. Depending on your 'bucket", you may have already maximized your score (say, if you have a bunch of collections) and may not see a bump until those things disappear.

Going from 9% to 1 or 2% could potentially LOWER your score, again depending on bucketing. Many people find their maximum fico score having 5-9% utilization reporting on one card, all the rest at zero. So it is also possible the drop from lower utilization offset a bump from inquiries falling off.

The score here is real, but the algorithm used by fico is very complex. There is no guarantee that an event which should raise your score will raise your score.

That being said, give it two weeks to be sure.

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