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Re: FICO Score Breakdown (i.e., "Credit Mix")

GregB -- I think you're right.   Mine is called an Equifax Credit Score.    However, it is somewhat consistent (+/- 2 points) with TransUnions and Experian's credit scores.  


It's my understanding that lenders "look" at the 3 major credit bureaus.   While is a great site, I'm not sure if lenders would consider it a superceding site (in respect to the 3 credit bureaus).    Am I right or wrong w/ this viewpoint?  (latter is a serious questions... I'm not being facetious).


In the end, whether it's called "FICO score", "Beacon score", "Equifax Score" or else -- I'd like to make sure that I watch/monitor the score that's most authoritative.    Besides, even if my Equifax score is not a true FICO score, I couldn't image there would be a huge difference as far as points is concerned.