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SO CONFUSED: A 30 point drop for removing this dispute comment??
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Hi everyone...this is my first post. I have a bit of a dilemma. My wife and I are trying to qualify for a home loan. My scores were 710, 706 and 700 with Equifax being the mid score at 706. The underwriter came back and questioned one old credit card that I had disputed (shown below). I honestly didn’t even realize it was still listed as open on Equifax. It is closed on Experian and TransUnion. Anyhow, I contacted Equifax and had the dispute removed. My credit score dropped 29 points instantly…any idea why? Would letting them know it is closed help?


Account Number: 169601-133659XXXX

Current Status: PAYS AS AGREED

Account Owner: Individual Account.

High Credit: $2,237

Type of Account: Revolving Credit Limit: $0

Terms Frequency: Monthly (due every month)

Date Opened: 12/2005

Balance: <Blank>

Date Reported: 05/2006

Amount Past Due: <Blank>

Date of Last Payment: 05/2006

Scheduled Payment Amount: $10

Date of Last Activity: 05/2006

Date Major Delinquency First Reported: N/A

Months Reviewed: 5

Creditor Classification: <Blank>

Activity Description: <Blank>

Charge Off Amount: <Blank>

Deferred Payment Start Date: <Blank>

Date Closed: <Blank>

Type of Loan: Charge Account

Date of First Delinquency: <Blank>

Comments: Consumer disputes this account information, Credit line suspended.