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Re: MyFico TU score 220 points off from rejection letter!

The Discover-branded Wal-Mart card doesn't use Discover or Discover's credit standards. They only use their network. It's just like my DW's BofA Amex CC. Even though it has an Amex logo, it isn't an Amex and BofA doesn't pull from Amex when deciding approval.


Who knows. You might apply with Discover today and get approved. That happened to me about 3 yrs ago. GECRB kept denying me for everything even with FICOs in the mid-700s. I couldn't get approved for a Wal-Mart, Mens Wearhouse, JCP, etc. Others got approved with FICOs in the low 600s and that made me mad that I couldn't get approved. So right after being denied for Wally World, I applied for an Amex and Discover and got approved just to boost my ego a bit. There's something about GECRB's internal score that hated me for whatever reason. It wasn't until years later when my score dropped back into the high 600s when I tried again and got approved for a Paypal SmartConnect.