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Greater "High Balance" (see in TransUnion credit reports) = Higher FICO score?
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Does having a greater lifetime "high balance" increase your FICO score? Again, I am talking about the largest balance you ever had on the card, whose transactions happened much earlier than the time where you would obtain this FICO score.


Personally, I would assume that having a greater "high balance" on your credit cards would help your credit score in the long run, as opposed to have many cards with $500 / $10,000 as your "highest balance." To me, having a $500, / $10,000 "highest balance" on most credit cards would make it seem like you just like applying for credit but that you don't actually use much of the credit you apply for, ultimately discouraging creditors from lending you futher credit when you do actually need it.


Anyone know the answer to how much this number affects your overall FICO credit score and/or how lenders view you?

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