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Re: Shouldn't TU98 be a FAKO?

starry1 wrote:

I know I'm furious.  I was denied for Care Credit today (applied to take care of some emergency dental bills) and my TU score was 498 when myfico has been telling me its 533.  Waste of money is all it is.

Furious at what? What score did Care Credit use? Was it a FICO? TU provides 21 FICO scores to lender although only half that many are common. Of the common FICO scores used, the one used by myFICO is one major revision before the most useful TU FICO of all, the one used for a mortgage. That still makes it FAR more useful than any TU score provided by anyone else.

It isn't as useful as TU FICO 04 Classic but it is still worth far more than the FAKO scores out there that may not even move the correct direction with most changes.


I would guess that Care Credit uses TU New Account Model 3.0, which isn't a FICO and has a range of 150-950. Second guess would be a PF Industry version of FICO, which have generic ranges of 250-900. Does it say FICO on the letter? Does it give a score range? 498 and 533 aren't that far apart, only 35 points.


I think the real problem is that a 533 TU FICO 98 will get a denial for almost all credit applications without security.


To call TU FICO 98 a FAKO is extreme. It is worth far less than the EQ FICO sold here but it is still far better than any FAKO sold elsewhere.