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Re: Vantage Score?
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hardworkrebuilding wrote:

Any idea how Vantage Score compares?

It's not a way that it compares to the traditional FICO score, but on what wavelength you're graded...VantageScore is weird in that very small fluctuations in balances and accounts and utilization and pretty much everything causes it to go up or down...pretty much 900-990 is an "A", 800-899 is a "B", 700-799 is a "C", and yadda yadda yadda.


As a person who lets a balance report on all my cards, my VantageScore goes up when there's a 0 balance on one, the balance decreases from the previous month, etc. Respectively, it goes down for the opposite. So it's very VERY sensitive to your account information. I'm sure having 0 balances report on all your cards except for one at 1%-2% will cause a huge jump in your VantageScore.

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