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Re: Vantage Score?

I reserve the somewhat disparaging term "FAKO' for those scores that have similar ranges to FICO, are sold to consumers only, and their nature is obfuscated with the intention of decieving consumers.


Vantage scores are scores that are actually used by a few lenders. They are scores with clearly stated ranges that are quite different from FICO ranges, and they use a subset of factors that FICO scores use in order to achieve a higher consistency across CRAs at the cost of somewhat lower risk assessment quality.


In general all scores, even ones with ranges similar to FICO, should be normalized in order to compare them with each other. The standard way normalization is done is to translate scores to rank percentiles or where does the score position one's credit quality as a percentage of the population. Even after doing this there is significant variability amongst score providers. The CFPB published a detailed paper on this a few months back.

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