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Re: How can I get to 700 score

praise123 wrote:

Lastyear, I had a score of 570 now I am at 648 so I want to thank my fico family for educating me. I had no creditcards now I have 7 that I manage very well. My utilization is at 18% but I plan to lower it more in the next month.  My oldest card will be 1 year in March. How can I get to 700 score. I would likeyo get a good rate on a mortgage in 6 months because I am looking to buy a house.


I think we first need to know what is on the credit report that made your score 570 a year ago.  Are the negatives that you can try to get removed, or are they already mainly gone, so your score has improved to its current level.


If your oldest card is 9-10 months old, that lack of account age is also going to lower your score, and may make it harder to get a good rate.  How new are the rest of the cards?  You might need to age them more before applying.



Standard advice for the rest is to try to lower utilization to under 10%, and preferably, by paying before the statement cuts, have all but one card reporting zero balances.


But for mortgages, score is only one factor (more or less a gatekeeper).  They are going to want to see some evidence of good credit behavior and of course ability to pay the mortgage, taxes and any other fees.