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Re: Vantage Score?

right, i had the same happen to me and since last year had some difficulty with the printing then and there of the printable option before you opt out of your credit report( not credit score) then i saved the printable version which you can easily transfer into a pdf as an option depending on the printer/pc/ how you access the free annual credit report web site. You can also get the free month option, which gives you 30 days of credit check on their site with the credit scoring but have to give credit card number before viewing and cancel account before the 14-15 day period before they charge the account iinfo provided to open with. I did this and also had the chance to print and copy the info provided on the web page which was very helpful and the people helping me with customer service through the vantage scoring comp. were very gracious and helpful to me,Smiley Wink  i was satisfied with the help. The free annual credit report is offered only as a means for people who do not have a monthly tracker service that they pay to view their report and make any needed changes or corrections to their report without having to pay, As a law this had to be opted by the bureaus but is not for people to view their score that is an extra which is why you have the option to pay/donate/open account etc. if you wish to go further with that.To dispute any options or mistakes you do not need to purchase anything.