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FICO score dropped from 720 to 650 as a result of just 2 late AE payments……

Not sure if anyone can help or offer suggestion but after 15 plus years as an American EXpress Card Member I missed 2 payments.  This was the first time I can recall ever being late on a payment.  Regardless, I checked my credit score and as a result of just the AE late payments my credit score dropped from 720 to 650!  I called AE and asked about this, and of course, didn't offer much help.  


Is there anything I can do to combat this drop in my score after years of paying on time?  Does a 70 point drop seem realistic?  I screwed up, fell behind and I take full responsibility for this.... but a 70 point drop!?  


Lastly, can someone tell me how long it will take to have this American Express situation removed from my credit report and thus my score improve?  


Thank you!!