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Re: Vantage Score?

Sorry, but my Citi Credit Monitor scores are nearly identical to MyFico scores. For example my CCM EQ=761 and MyFico = 762 . The TU is different by a total of 3 points, and have been for months. I've been using Citi Monitor for a long time and I find their service quite good for my purposes. Credit Karma is actually different by 2 points as compared to MYfico =772 , now that is suprising, but again, I find their sevice acceptable too. I pay my bills on time, don't mess with my credit (too much) and my scores stay pretty constant. I do expect them to go up over the course of 12 months as some debt is eliminated.


Citi Credit Monitor: Good service for $8.95 p/m.

Credit Karma: Good service for free.


One note though: I tried that Quizzle site for the heck of it and got a score of 702. Way off.