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Re: Paid 4 of 6 remaining collections and credit score jumped 42 points. Looking for advice.

Paying off collections gave you a boost in score cause your UTIL was paid down. The collection is still a negative factor hurting your scores. Make attempts to offer a PFD with  the remaining collections if at all possible. Also try and GW the collections you settled with and see if they will remove the collection from your reports. 


After paying and satisfying the judgement make all attempts to have it vacated so it is removed from your reports.


Home depot just opted not to report any longer to the credit bureaus. They sold your debt to collection agency and wrote off the balance. No one is required to report to the credit bureaus, it is up to them if they report or not. 


I cant determine where your score will be after judgement removed, but in my opinion you should get another boost. 


Keep up the hard work cleaning up your debt and reports and you will acheive your goal.

Good Luck
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