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Re: Paid 4 of 6 remaining collections and credit score jumped 42 points. Looking for advice.
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I browse all three. the 633 jump to  675  is from EX which the hard inquriy from navy federal and the 4 settled cards were reported on 1/2/2013


, my equifax fisco score is 621. Only one of the cards of four that i just settled were reported to equifax  and  i had a  hard inquiry was reported from navy federal the same time today 1/3/2013 I think it didnt go up because of the hard inquiry because it was 621 right before they reported hard inquiry/paid card...


as for trans union last time i checked it was 597 on 12/26/12 , i havent checked it since, but will check it in a month or so.. hopefully something will pop up sayin transunion updated etc etc on my experian alerts or fisco.


edited because im still stuck in 2012 writting /12 instead of 13. lol