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Paying off debt and FICO Score
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Hello all!


I was just wondering if you could help me with some questions I have.


1. I have 3 small collections on my account, one for 198.00 from 08/2008, 201.00 from 08/2006 and 83.00 from 12/2006.  I have already called all three collection agencies to ask for a pay for delete and they all said no.  If I pay these in full... will this have a negative impact on my credit score since they are so old?  I have read about when it updates the last activity month/year, this could happen?


2.  If I have some late payments from 2006-2007 range... is it worth trying to send goodwill letters since I have been on time for the last 5 years with these creditors, or will this affect my score at all?