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Ouch! How long until you recover from a rebucket

My mortgage FINALLY reported a couple of days ago (I closed August 2012!).  My score too a 40 point dive, down to 660.  I suppose I'm in a rebucket phase, so how long until I can recover?  


I'm in the garden for the rest of the year, as I don't anticipate needing any more credit (I bought a new car December 2012, as well as a string of new credit cards) for a good while.  I was going to go for the AMEX BCP and Chase Sapphire this fall, but I'm going to wait until next year so my 18 inquiries (!!) clear up.  I may have to wait 2 full years.


I hate to see my score so low after hitting the 700 club.  But I guess it's better than the 480 I had in 2011...

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