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Re: Do I need to get a car loan to raise my FICO score to excellent?
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Here are the answers to your questions:


Where did you obtain the score?  (MY FICO) 


What's the age of your oldest account and your youngest account, and what's the average age of accounts?  (My oldest two cards are 22 years old and the average age of my nine cards combined is 9.8 years)


How low in percent is your utililzation, and how do you calculate it? (3% based on my total credit divided by my balance.  The three percent is just my months charging not ongong balances)


How many of your cards report credit limits, and are any of them no preset spending limit or charge cards? (All my cards have a preset limit.  I have over $83K in available credit)


I have never paid late and never had any problems with credit other than years of only paying the minimum balance, but now have nearly no debt. But my FICO score is just below the number I need to get the best mortgage rates.