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Re: 50+ POINT DROP?? 794 to 736???


So I paid down my three credit cards and 2 of them have reported and my score has popped back up to 758. I assume it will rise again in a few days when the other one reports on the 21st. Rather than charging a card to get a score alert, I changed the score number that would trigger a alert. I set it at 737. Thank you everyone for your input. I guess I must have just reached the tipping point along with my student loan. I hope others will learn from my experience, I know I have. I continue to work to be debt free. My goal is 10 years to pay off my student loan and home loan. I've already cut 7 years off of my 30 year loan by just adding an extra $100 per month! I hope now that I have all my credit cards paid off I will be able to double up on my mortgage and get it down below 15 years! Good luck to all in your quest to be debt free!

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