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Re: Major drop - FICO now lower than 2 years ago when I had a PR on a clean, low util report

cashnocredit wrote:

Revelate wrote:
Hmm not sure, but as a swag there are buckets in FICO and having a tradeline less than a year old may put you in one, and all accounts >1 yr puts you in another albeit a higher scoring one. Wild swag even.

That is a substantial drop, did anything else on the report change in the last three months?

The only thing that changed was that Amex Charge card reported with 3.5k due instead of the prev. month's 2.5k which triggered the SW. Util including Amex is 3%, excluding Amex it's 1%. In the past Amex reporting has made no difference at all in FICO scores. Even when it went from 2k to 22k FICO didn't budge.  I then pulled the MyFico EQ report expecting something to be off. Nothing, even dates, was off. Additionally, the reporting balances, are quite a bit below 4 months ago when my EQ was at 752.


It's really quite odd. Maybe I'll app for C1. Do they send you FICO scores from each of the CRAs?

Nope, just one.


Charge cards are well known to not affect FICO '04 models and higher which the EQ Beacon 5.0 score is; I don't have any better information than what I posted earlier, it is pretty odd I agree, but I find it incredibly unlikely that it's suddenly EQ counting the Amex utilization.  


That would be worse than odd actually and actually an incredibly massive problem for a whole lot of reasons Smiley Happy.

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