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Re: Credit Card debt AND Line of Credit debt...Will my score ever improve?

glaucus wrote:

Hmmm. This is confusing!! How would I go about getting my credit report from all 3 agencies that would be the same as what banks use? Isn' there one standard for banks?

The credit report is the credit report is the credit report.


Credit scores though, there's a dizzying array of them honestly, and we as consumers can't even obtain all the ones the banks use.  As GregB points out, not a single FAKO score will be used by lenders (one of the reasons they're labelled that) for underwriting decisions.  To be honest, the best barometer of your actual FICO score that lenders use is the Equifax score found here in my opinion, or in a few other places.  It is identically the score you would receive if applying for a mortgage currently.


IIRC the Heloc might be considered revolving if it's under a certain amount, which is commonly accepted to be ~35K; I would still check the real report though but generally CK/CS/etc do take their account interpretations right off the actual credit report.


As Greg intimates, never, ever take the advice of the various FAKO purveyors, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, etc.  I strongly recommend reading this forum for what actually matters as far as FICO scores and advice as it's one of the best resources available.

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