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Re: Credit Card debt AND Line of Credit debt...Will my score ever improve?

Revelate wrote:

The credit report is the credit report is the credit report.



Mostly yes. The DATA is the DATA is the DATA. However, the Score & Report can display that data in different formats and even catagorize it differently. It can show a HELOC as Revolving, Installment, or Mortgage. One version of FICO from EX could include the HELOC as revolving if it is under $25K and another FICO version could call it Revolving if it is under $50K. My recollection is that HELOCs change from Revolving to Mortgage accounts at different dollar amounts depending on the CRA for the FICO 04 Classic. Obviously, the score was created by Fair Issac but each CRA made minor changes to it. This also explains why the actual score range for those three scores is slightly different. 


I was comfortable guessing that it would not be included in Revolving at the high amount for the OP.