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Re: Credit Card debt AND Line of Credit debt...Will my score ever improve?

Then clearly I need to see reports and scores from all 3 agencies that are the closest to what the banks will use. There have been 2 recommendations offered here. One is to use look at the reports from this website. People in this forum have said that the Experian score offered here is pretty accurate, but that the others are not as accurate. Others have said that contacting the 3 agencies directly will give me the closest idea of what the banks will see and use when they consider taking over my existing bank loan. So, I guess my final question is what is your best opinion of what I should do to get the most accurate reports and scores? (And if links or contact info is available it would be GREATLY appreciated!) It seems borderline illegal to not have access to the same information about me that the bank will have, but apparently it is not illegal, just inconceivable.