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Re: New CC User: When To Pay CC Monthly Bill

This is something I had to figure out myself just by looking at my cc acount and credit report every month. This is how I do mine:


Due Date - 18th

Statement date - 21st to 24th (changes each month)


Whatever you do, make sure you pay at least the minimum payment by the due date. Never pay late.

I get paid every 15th so I make a payment every 15th, but somethimes I make payments during the month if I charge a lot that month.


If I want to carry a balance to show uitl:


Due date - 18th

Payment made - 15th - for less than the total balance

Statement date - 23rd - will show a balance with interest on whatever portion I didn't pay


If you want to show zero balance, pay your entire balance on or before the due date.


I hope this helps.