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Re: Is There Something I Should Do?

Just an update... has a '?' in the place where it lists what kind of account my mortgage is.  I decided to dispute this with Ex, in fear that this mistake may be costing me a few points. When you dispute through, it takes you to EX's website, shows you your experian report, and allows you to dispute from there.  On the report pulled directly from the experian website the mortgage is listed as a mortgage. Therefore, there was nothing to dispute.  So what should be my next move?????


Normally I really wouldnt care.  But I plan on apping for a loan through prosper in March, which is when the util on my Ex report will be low enough, where I feel comfortable apping. Prosper uses a FAKO score to approve their loans. Just for kicks, about 2 weeks ago I apped just to get the FAKO score they use, knowing Id probably get denied.  I got denied as their FAKO had me at 622 and they require a 640.  IN the AA letter, it listed high utilization and the absence of a mortgage as things that were hurting my score. Prosper uses and they have my mortgage listed as an installment.  With prosper, every little bit counts, in regards to points v APR. So I would really like to get this little quirk fixed, if possible.


Anyone know of anything I can do to get the 3rd partys to correctly classify my mortgage??




.  I checked my FAKO over there again and its now 668, since my util has gone down a bit. Its going to go down a bit more before I app, and having my mortgage classified correctly may make my approval a little bit easier and may payment a little bit lower. 



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