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Re: trying to find the score my mortgage officer has

pizzadude wrote:


The EQ score sold here at MyFICO is the FICO04 version used by most mortgage lenders, so it should match the EQ FICO score from your bank / CU.

Just will address this as it is called EQUIFAX BEACON 5.


The only score on MYFICO that should be the same would be the EQUIFAX score from MYFICO given pulled the same time.


Since I am a Broker, I can tell you 100% that the Equifax score here should be the same as the one pulled from your Lender. If that is not the case then you need to ask your Lender Directly what scores they are using and provided by who? Then ask them what Version of the scores they are using?


If you are referring to the TU score here on MYFICO then you may have some variance in your score as the TU score here at MYFICO is TU98, and majority of Lenders are using TU04 version.


While 98% of Lenders are using FICO scores, there are a very limited number using their own scoring system. This would be similar to AMEX who uses their own scoring system.

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