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Re: trying to find the score my mortgage officer has

LRP wrote:

I called and asked him what it is he does.. ad he does pull all 3 and they use the middle score.. I didnt ask about the version.. 

so.. another question now. More about updateing . how often does this site update the reported score? Is it automatic when my score changes ? or is it on some other schedule.?

Your scores are updated as changes happen to your report. With that being said we are all still at the mercy of the Credit Bureaus to enter the proper information. While scorewatch does have a delay sometimes in notifying you about the good or bad change, if you pulled your scores yourself with-out waiting on scorewatch you should be able to see the update.

Now if you have a rapid rescore through your LO or Broker, then they will be the first to see your updated scores.


Rapid rescores mean just what it sounds like. Your scores are updated instantly through the Credit Bureaus.

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