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Re: How many inquiries is too much?

I have 43 inquiries on Equifax and my Fico is 635 and 13 opened accounts in 1 year with 3-1/2 year old bankruptcy and I just got a $4,000 Sears Platinum MasterCard hows that work? My other Fico score is 676 at Transunion and I have 31 inq over there and Experian I don't know my Fico score. But Citi/Sears Card pulled Experian then TU 1 week after I got the card no idea why. I called them and asked if they made a mistake. They didn't they said its suited to my particular credit situation... Thank you Sears compared to $750 credit limits from Capital One. I'm done applying for credit of any kind and I'm paying all accounts off in full I have 11 open cards, 5 Major cards counting Sears MC and Capital Ones. I did lose a $500 Barclays Card over too many credit inq. They approved me with way too many to begin with then even with 5 payments in full in one month they closed it. Then I got Sears. Their loss. But way too many inquiries is trouble these companies seem to be looking at not just your credit score anymore but their own criteria they use. Chase told me they don't use credit scores.. I said what do you use they said their own reasoning. If that is true I don't know you call these places and get a different story from each different person.

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