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Worried about my score

I have been trying to rebuild my credit after a 2009 chapter 7 bk.Auto loan inaccurately reporting 30 day late payments and I have hired LL to handle this.I would like to apply for an FHA loan in July.Equifax merged my twin's file with mine.They corrected this by reporting only my current accounts which are all in good standing.The bk is gone and no other negative items,but my oldest account now was open in 2005 I had 8 old closed accounts that were positive..I know all the baddies are gone,but with such a short credit history now, what kind of impact will this have on my credit score? Before the correction Equifax gave me a score of 589.

Starting Score: 553(EQ) 572 (TU) 586(EX) (EQ Complete Advantage)
Current Score: 572
Goal Score: 640

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