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Re: Transunion FICO score

You can only get your TU FICO from obviously, if you have a CC with them, Merrick Bank if you have their CC, your lender, and there are some banks and CUs out there that will provide a complimentary FICO if you ask them, assuming they provide it. If you are having issues pulling here, then definitely try again later. Sometimes TU will flake out in some of the CMSs I've used in the past.


Your car lender may or may not be using one of the FICO versions mentioned above. There are several TU FICO versions out there. The one from here is nicknamed TU98 and is less and less used each year. Most lenders use newer versions, but millions are pulled each year nonetheless. The one from Wa-Mart is the newest called TU08 but not many lenders use it. The one from Merrick is a CC-enhanced version of TU08 and it's highly doubtful your car lender would use it.It's a toss up with other lenders. More than likely if your car lender is a large lender or well-known, they'll use an auto-enhanced FICO vs. the versions available here or elsewhere. Just an FYI if you see different scores.