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Re: Wife's FICO updated but not mine?

I'm guessing you are using ScoreWatch? SW doesn't alert you to CLIs or balance decreases, but will alert you to balance increases. So, if the CLI occurred w/ a balance increase on the latest statement you should have received an alert at about the same time as your spouse for the balance increase at the least. If your FICO score changed at the same time as the balance increase, then SW would throw out your latest EQ FICO along with the alert.


Not every drop in util will result in a change in score though. I've hit the same percentages that you have with no FICO score change. Everyone's credit is different and responds differently based off what is reporting already. For example, a 45 pt jump is very impressive and assuming that the CLI was the only change on her report it would mean that util was much, much higher on hers than yours. That extra $500 made a big impact and probably changed her util by 50% I'm guessing. Conversely, your util changed less than 10% by the CLI and that may not have been enough to move your scores. It's always a YMMV thing. I once paid down util from 89% to 1% and saw an increase of 125 pts on EQ FICO. Someone else could do the exact same with the exact same balances and see less than half of a gain if other factors are weighing on that report like baddies, PRs, new credit, etc.