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Re: Wife's FICO updated but not mine?

jhfghg wrote:

So if I updated my Fico score/credit report there could be new information on there,it just might not have been triggered due to the nature of the settings?

Check out the Score Watch Guide . It shows what SW will and won't catch. It'll provide credit alerts via EQ for added accounts, added baddies, account stati changes, added lates, new inquiries, balance increases, changes in account comments, and some others. It won't alert to dropped accounts, dropped balances, dropped inquiries, CLIs or CLDs, and others.


Absent any changes to your report, SW will monitor your EQ FICO score for changes every 7-10 days. If your target score found within Settings is hit or surpassed due to a score change, then SW will send out an alert for that score change. For max results, always set your target score to exactly match your current EQ FICO. That way if your score increases or decreases, you'll get alerted.


Assuming nothing triggered a credit alert for your spouse, then the +45 came from a score alert when the score was monitored next. Definitely change that target score to match the new one.