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Re: my trans union credit report and score

Put faith in none of it because it isn't related to FICO and some of the advice offered within VantageScores can be counter-productive to FICO and following the advice, in some cases, can actually hurt your FICO score. 


1) VantageScore weighs your total available balance and scores on higher CLs. FICO isn't like that. It doesn't matter if your combined CLs are $1,000 or $100,000, FICO is indifferent. It's how you use it that counts.


2) VantageScore weighs util on installment accts. It's virtually non-existent with FICO. Paying down most all of your mortgage won't move your FICO.


3) 20 yrs is a long time. It's unlikely that would be a FICO drain.


4) Like with #2, it really doesn't matter per FICO.