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2% or 9%
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I hate to beat a dead horse since i know this comes up once a week but i'm looking for fresh opinions on my situation.  Smiley Happy


Just one CC and i'm looking ot maximize my score.  I'm in a derog bucket (PR).  Last cycle I was at 85% utilization.  Right now I'm at 2% but I'm thinking of charging up to 9% before I cycle next week.




no past dues or any other negatives last 2 or 3 years.  Just looking ot maximize score potential off CC utilization. 

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Re: 2% or 9%

Or somewhere in between.  2% should be just fine.

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Re: 2% or 9%

Your util is fine. You can not fine tune it any better. What else is reporting? WE can give you more insight with additional info

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