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Re: VERY confused FICO...

What you are seeing at this site is a True FICO score.  What you are viewing from SF is probably a VANTAGE SCORE, which is based on an alogrithm created internally by TU for competition against Fico. THey use different scales (Fico tops at 850, Vantage 950), thus you can not linearly compare the scores. Additionally, Fico has 49 distinct scoring models each proprietary for specific industries, some which are auto, mortage, credit card, life, and other insurance offered products. The model used here is TU98, a little bit older model, yet still used by many financial istitutions today. Hope this helps. In the final analysis, which ever model you follow, always strive to increase your oldest reported number and you will be on the correct path to a better credit reporting history and score. Good Luck!

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