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Re: VERY confused FICO...

Shogun wrote:

There are reasons why scores don't match sometimes.  First off, it could be a CC enhanced score which will put more emphasis on your revolving accounts in scoring.  The TU pulled here is a TU98, and they could have pulled a different model.  

Thanks for the help.


I guess the score is irrelevant for the most part except to watch for any changes which is what I do with the free FAKO Experian score the wife and I get every month with our US Bank cards (theyre at least good for something)

Probably just keep paying the $10 a month for the basic package here for the two of us. $5/month isnt bad to get a quarterly FICO and credit report. At least helps me keep an eye out for changes

USBank TU FICO 814
Discover TU FICO 802
Barclay TU FICO 802
CitiBank TU FICO 803
FirstBank TU FICO 801