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Re: VERY confused FICO...
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Good grief...its worse than I thought.



"Do the NextGen risk models differ from the Classic FICO risk models in what they predict? What’s the range of possible scores?
The NextGen risk models, like the Classic FICO risk models, are designed to rank-order consumers according to the likelihood of default on credit obligations. Both scores are three digit numbers, with the higher values indicating lower risk; however, due to its refined risk assessment, the range of possible scores is greater for NextGen than for Classic FICO. The NextGen score range is 150-950, compared to the 300-850 for Classic U.S. FICO risk scores and 250-900 for Classic FICO industry option scores."




I think Im going to quit thinking about my score and just keep my report clean. All these scores and apparently multiple ones from FICO itself, is just too much to keep track of or worry about.

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