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Re: VERY confused FICO...

mrgoattoo wrote:

And now I am REALLY confused.


I just wasted $16 bucks to get yet ANOTHER updated TU FICO and it STILL says 770 from this website.

How can StateFarm have been giving a score of 739 (source: Trans Union Consumer Relations) if my TU score here is 770 ????


and the score ranges on this paper I got from SF says 221 - 950 which doesnt sound like a FICO score at all.

So whats going on with TU...are they using multiple scoring methods...and if so why in the world am I paying for my FICO if TU isnt giving my FICO to CC issuers when they want my score????

That is a FICO Next Gen 2003, which is the latest version of FICO Next Gen. VERY unusual to see a lender using that on a CC application. It was designed to qualify deadbeats for mortgages that they should have never received during the insanity of 2000-2007. That is one of 51 credit scores that are offerered by TU to commercial customers. The one you are getting from here, FICO Classic 98, is useful but not as useful as FICO Classic 04 as used on a mortgage application. The EQ score sold here is a better score, easily the best score sold to all consumers.


There isn't a large difference between the 739 and the 770. You paid for a 770 and they pulled 739. That is a small difference. If you are looking for more precision than that, you are going to be disappointed.