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Re: VERY confused FICO...
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mrgoattoo wrote:

It gets even better.


Talked to a rep at the SF area who issues the CC's and she was telling me that while you may have a 'score' with whatever agency when an inquiry is made that the lender may get a 'modified' credit score that is based on things like CC's or other types of credit specifically and it wont be the same as the score you are seeing when you check, which I guess is more generic rather than specific.


Makes me think that the conclusion I had the other day was right. Stop worrying about the score and just keep my credit report clean....

Saw your last post after my previous post.


The rep was correct EXCEPT the score they gave you was NOT a BankCard Industry Score. It would have been far more logical for them to use one of those.


You last line convinces me that you get it.