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Re: ScoreWatch report - 23 yr old account = Short History?
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llecs wrote:

Is this at the bottom of her list? ETA...or is it the only negative item?



Thank you for moving to the appropriate place. This was #2 of 3.


Dad opened a BoA MC in 2004 with Mom an AU.  He passed 11/2008 and in the midst dealing with that, a final payment of $30 to bring balance to 0 was somehow overlooked.  BoA closed the card and CO 5-2009. A call to them today resulted in them aggreeing to delete the TL.  The following pertain to this singular event.


#1 was

You have a serious delinquency (60 days past due or greater) or a derogatory description on your credit report.

#3 was

You recently missed a payment or had a derogatory indicator reported on your credit report.


The rest of the report is spotless.