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Re: Incredible score increase in Score Watch alert today, with strange reasons given:

To find out what was going on, I pulled the 2nd report of the Score Watch subscription, a few minutes ago.  It's my understanding that I can get as many reports as I want for $13.97 till my Score Watch subscription expires, so it's no big loss to use the last free one.


It turns out that the derogatory is gone.  When Score Watch used the word "have" it should have been "had".  Presumably, that was an error, but it works in their favor, by causing people to pull more reports to resolve such contradictions.  So it's probably not a very high priority to fix such errors.


And the account is not deleted.  If I had disputed it, it probably would have been deleted.  Now it's adding to my score.  The one that was derogatory.  It's now clean and ancient.  So now 813 seems about right.  But in a few days another bank will report an 88% balance.  So I saved the report with score as a PDF file, just in case I never get another score in the 800's.  The 88% balance is because I spent $880 last month on a card with 2% cash back and a $1000 limit.  Even though I pay it in full each month, FICO will probably interpret it as terrorism or being a deadbeat or something.