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Key factors affecting credit score

Hello everyone.  I just pulled my EQ credit score and it was 802.  A couple reasons that are affecting the score are "The credit line on revolving accounts." , "The percentage of department store accounts or charge cards to all of the accounts in your credit file.", and "The total amount of outstanding balance on credit accounts."  Can you guys recommend a way to get my score even higher? 

Here is a little info:

1 mortgage account.  

5 revolving cc accounts.  2 chase, 1 amex, 1 discover, 1 checking account overdraft protection

0 department store cards

and no other accounts.

Total credit limit on the credit cards is about $15,500. 

No balance and paid in full every month. 


Also, never once a late payments, negative, etc. 

Any advice would be great.  Thanks!