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Re: Myfico credit monitoring

Pilotdude wrote:

I was wondering the same thing really.


I am new to MyFICO monitoring but my Freecreditreport monitoring has given me two alerts in the last week which MyFICO has not.

So has my Equifax monitoring (directly from Equifax) and even Credit karma daily pulls of my TU report show changes last week that have still not been picked up by MYFICO.


If MyFICO is going to be so far behind the others in issuing alerts, I am wondering why spend the money each month. 


I know the FICO scores are helpful, but they are not the FICO scores the lenders are pulling apparently. 



Do you have Score Watch or FICO Quarterly Monitoring? SW only monitors EQ. FCR is a CMS for EX only I think, so if you have an alert on EX, it wouldn't mean you'd have an alert on EQ. Credit Karma only monitors TU, and SW wouldn't pick up on that.


EQ has several services so if they monitor EQ daily or regularly, then most changes on EQ would be picked up by SW. What were the alerts for?