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Re: Myfico credit monitoring

Pilotdude wrote:

Right now I am running with:


EQ daily unlimited scores and report access


MyFICO Score Watch for EQ

MyFICO Quarterly Monitor for TU


Freecreditreport for Daily Experian report access


and I check Credit Karma reports for accuracy as well.


So far three cards have reported on both EQ and EX and two have reported on TU in the past few days and MyFICO has not alerted me to them at all. 

I have gotten two alerts from MyFICO but none with the lastest changes to either EQ or TU reports and those were significant balance changes which definitely would have changed my score. 


I did call MyFICO and made a couple adjustments to their default settings so we will see if that helps.


Once the last of my cards reports its balance, I am dropping and Eq just before its monthly renewal hits.  I plan on keeping MyFICO only as its really the only relatively accurate score available short of getting a lender pull.  I just need it to report accurately is all.

I used to have a couple of different EQ services (Credit Complete and the Monitoring product w/ the 4 FICO scores each year), at the same time as having SW. I found that EQ's alert services were slightly faster by a day or so than SW, but I guess that was because EQ was the source of that info.


Exactly what were the changes to EQ? Increased balances? Decreased balances?


TUQM (FICO Quarterly Monitoring) isn't like SW. You don't get interim alerts or score changes (hence the name). And put EX aside in your mind because creditors don't update to all 3 at the same time, so if a TL changed on EX, it doesn't mean it changed on EQ or TU at the same time.