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Re: Question on Scoring for IIB vs. CO/paid

Thank you for your answer. I haven't decided on a next step, i.e. GW.  If it doesn't effect my score one way or the other, I may just live with it. I don't want to mess with something if there won't be any gain, and take the chance I could end up with more goulash. I did just get a dismissed judgement removed from all 3, and I'm on round 3 with Barclay's reporting duplicate accounts (this one is turning into goulash, dates changing, removing the correct one and leaving the incorrect one, etc. I think they're playing with me now.)


So, I took on the 2 most obvious, should-be-sure-things, first. Everything bad except the PR BK will drop off 2016-17, and I can live with that, but if it's wrong and hurting me, I'll keep on it.  I've searched, read and asked everywhere about the scoring difference, and whether it can cause problems not showing IIB, and all I've really been able to find is something like "if an account is included it should show included or discharged in BK." If I ask "what are the effects if it doesn't," haven't had much helpful response.


So, thank you, that will help me decide what to do next, if anything.