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Re: Starting to question Myfico

Sneekn4u wrote:

Ok, I'm having a hard time understanding and now be leaving in Myfico do I go from a 651 to 626 after paing my utility down from 72% to 30% and getting a 61/2 year  old baddie dropped off my report? 



This score decrease may be caused by these 4 new reasons:

  • You have a short credit history.
  • You've made heavy use of your available revolving credit.
  • You have not established a long revolving credit history.
  • You've recently been looking for credit.


# 1 the past few alerts haven't said this, why all of a sudden does it state short credit history, it's been 5 months since I opened my first 2 cards.

# 2 I just paid it down to 30% from 72%

# 3 it gets longer and longer each month. Granted 5 months ain'tlong but why throw this at me now?

# 4 haven't append for a card in 5 months and that's my only 2 I have.


Again I'm starting to question this site. Can anyone share some info?

Was the baddie a CA or an OC? If an OC, what was the open date on that account and what's your AAoA after the change?


Why did the account drop? Was it due to a dispute, or did it ever have a dispute comment on it?


Congrats on paying down debt! Were any of the CCs that you paid off closed? 


This looks like it came from a SW alert. Have you pulled EQ since this score alert? And did this alert come this weekend?