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Re: Starting to question Myfico

The collection I had dropped was a old 61/2 year T Mobile from a CA, it had a $0 balance but after sending 2 DV letters with no response I called them to ask if they were stupid for not responding since I live in Tx and they said to dispute with the CB's since they no longer do T Mobile's collections and they won't reply to them as well causing it to drop, which it did last week. 

I haven't checked the AAoA yet.

The 2 credit cards I paid down are not closed, I owe $42 on my Cap1 and $140 on my other (was $176 and $230) and paid down my Macy's from $180 to $100.

Yes this was a SW alert and no I have not pulled my EQ since I got the alert about a hour ago...I was waiting till my Cap1 and other 2 reported before I spent the $$$ to pull it.

Is SW something I should trust as far as my score or do I need to spend the $ and do the pull with EQ to get the real deal?


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