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Re: Starting to question Myfico

Thanks Pilot...I just got a little hot there when I got the SW report. I guess the moral of the story is Your dammed if you do and Your dammed if you don't lol...Get rid of the baddie and loose AAoA or keep it and have it show on your report. My balance on my Macys store card will be $0 on next months report and on the 2 credit cards one will be $0 and the other will be 9%, that is my goal and then leave them alone till June, by then I want to app for a real cc (not secured) (unless you guys think I shouldn't) I will then have 8 months of never missed or late payments, 9%Util, 2 IQ and a installment loan that will be 18 months with no lates or missed payments. Again, do you guys think I'll be ready and if so who should I app with? I know this is getting a little off subject for this forum (sorry) my Macy's is $300 limit, $250 on my Cap1 and $300 on my Matrix cc...I just want you guys to understand  the full picture of my report. My EX shows all the same except a 6year acct with no missed or late payments but only reports to EX. Would being added to one of my friends cc as a AU help me? He has a few with average AAoA of 5-7 years with excelent history and low utility.

Thanks guys


And as pulling my hair out of my head, he'll I ain't got much left to pull lol

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